2017 Reading Challenge Reflections

I posted a few weeks ago about the 2017 Reading Challenge from modernmrsdarcy.com and invited you all to join me in the challenge. I thought since we are about a third of the way through the year, that I would update you on my progress and give you my book reviews so far. I'll update... Continue Reading →

Dear First Year Teacher

Dear First Year Teacher, I want you to know that I see you. I see you showing up early and staying late. I see you designing all your lesson plans from scratch, fighting for the fresh coffee before it's gone, and struggling to stay on top of all the grading, planning, collaborating, and emotional toils... Continue Reading →

Why “Unworthy”?

I get asked a lot why I've chosen to give my blog the name "Unworthy," so I've decided to do what I do best, and write about it. I started this blog back in 2012, when I was about to graduate college. My boyfriend of over 2 years had already graduated and moved 5 hours... Continue Reading →

7 Lessons I Learned from Belle: My Favorite Disney Character

Like many others, I went and saw Beauty and the Beast this week. I loved it. It was perfect in every way. Although, I will admit I am biased. First of all, Beauty and the Beast was always my favorite Disney movie, and Belle has been my favorite Disney princess as far back as I can remember.... Continue Reading →

“Why Teachers?” by guest writer Peyton

I've asked my friend and former student, Peyton, to write a guest post for my blog. I never had Peyton in one of my English classes, but I am my school's student council sponsor and she was in student council all through high school. She was president her senior year and that's when we really... Continue Reading →

Sh*t Happens

I have never been the kind of person who embarrasses easily. I don't always think before I speak or act and that leads to a lot of situations that would probably be embarrassing for most people - I just tend to let them roll off easily. There have been exceptions, though. And it's taken awhile,... Continue Reading →

Heal the Divide – Learn to Listen

In a country as divided as ours is right now, it's hard to imagine how the rift between political parties could ever be bridged. We see evidence of the division everywhere we look, the news, social media, family gatherings... We live in a digital world. Most of our information is gleaned from online sources. Most... Continue Reading →

2017 Reading Challenge

  One of the blogs I love to follow is Modern Mrs. Darcy. She seems to have the same literary tastes that I do, and one thing I'm trying to keep up with this year is her 2017 Reading Challenge. She has two different lists: reading for fun and reading for growth. I've decided to be... Continue Reading →

So, I Decided to Try Bullet Journaling…

Since I am a blogger, I spend a significant amount of time reading other blogs. I follow blogs on Bloglovin' and Pinterest. I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to writing. Recently, there has been a lot of hype out there in the blogging/writing community about bullet journals. (The most avid bullet journal advocates shorten... Continue Reading →

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